These are some of the letters received from happy laughing customers...
"You are to be commended....
    Marketing Coordinator
    Basement Systems Calgary.

I just wanted to say thank you very much for your visit to Vickie last Friday. I'm sorry I couldn't be there to see it ( I was out of town for one, and second, I don't work there and probably would have got tossed out for hanging around...). Anyhow, Vickie left me a message shortly after you left thanking me and told me that was the "funniest birthday present EVER" and she will never, as long as she lives, ever forget that. When I saw her later that night, she said her face still hurt from smiling.
So, thank you, thank you, thank you for making Vikie laugh on her birthday.
We'll be sure to come check you out at Prince's Island on the weekends, once it warms up a little....

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"We have met Star Giggles at Toys r Us on Macleod Trail, S.W. about a month or two ago, and she was great..... My kids 5 and 7 really, really enjoyed her..... So I was wondering if she does birthday parties, or make appearances at peoples homes?? My youngest daughters birthday isn't until May, and then my oldest in July, but I was so taken back on how wonderful and fun she was I just wanted to find this stuff out and hopefully prebook, and I know they would love to see star giggles again..... So feel free to email back at XXX@shaw.ca , I would just like to know, if she does birthday parties, and if so, about how long she will be there, and the price for her wonderful services...

Thank you so much for your time, hope to hear back from you soon!
Thank you so very much!! I would HIGHLY recommend you.

By the way the clown was so great, even the adults enjoyed her jokes.


We had Mrs.. Claus and Bambi Bimbeau last weekend. It was a very cold night, and we ended up with 60 people.  It was for my husband's 50th and a Christmas Party at our home.  The crowd and my husband were really surprised , nobody knew  that I had an Entertainer for this event.  At one moment they thought an old Aunt of mine was doing some kind of act.  Then they realized that Mrs. Claus was an entertainer and her performing was really good!  She came in with great taste, and many were laughing so hard. With the information you give her, she will put it into her skit . 

I would recommend her, she will work it into your needs.
Thank-you Mrs.Claus / Bambi,
Benoit Family

"Thank you so very much!! I would HIGHLY recommend you
- you MADE our night!"
                   Gaynia Revenberg
                   REVENBERG PONTIAC BUICK    
"Thank you for a wonderful time.  You were absolutely wonderful."
                       Sheri & Bob Buras

"Thanks for a lot of laughs!!"
                        Jim Maldoone

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Hi Funnyfolks:                                                           
  My wife was very surprised and she spent half the time trying to remember if it was really some old aunt.  My wife was laughing so hard that she could hardly get her breath.   So were most of the guests.  We had 30 people/ family at the event and your entertainer was the hit of the party.                                                                   
  Everyone was in stitches, and she did an excellent job in working the background material into the act.  It was great, and will be remembered by the family for many years to come.   I was a little worried that she might pick on just my wife , but she did a good job of picking on several people in the group, mostly my brothers in laws.  
Thank you so much to your company and the "Antique Mystery Lady"
  .....she really made my wife's birthday party unforgettable.  

  She was GREAT>>>>>>Thank you!!!!!!  EVERYONE LOVED HER!!!!!
  Bruce Harley                                                             
  Western Surety Manager                                                   
  Sovereign General Insurance Company  

"Laughter is the best medicine  -  so keep on prescribing it."

                       Mark Kontulainen
                       ALGOMA UNIVERSITY    
"The Antique Mystery Lady did a fabulous job! 
We love the way she involved the others at the party!  We were still laughing after she left."
                       Angela & Jim Sinclair

"The response and entertainment value was a pleasant surprise.  The young lady who played the granny had a great sense of humour and responded to our guests in a very quick witted manner."
                       Richard Lammers

February 14, 2008
Re: Funny Folks

Our company hired Funny Folks to entertain us at our Winter Party February 2, 2008.

We had Antique Mystery Lady entertain us who was very funny, interacted with the audience and had a skit that involved senior managers. It was done tastefully and very subtle.

A good time was had by all and we would certainly use Funny Folks again for any future parties.

AMETEK Process Instruments

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"Thank you very much for the very funny and entertaining time that your Bambi Bimbeau brought to us! I would highly recommend this performance to any party. "Bambi" adjusts to each individual and brings great laughs with her humour!"
                       Phyllis Hazell

"Once again....Bambi Bimbeau put on an amazingly entertaining performance.  We certainly will continue doing business with her in the future."
                       Tanya Tracey

ABOUT Contessa
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                       (the Russian director)
Contessa Patrovskivich was the life of our 25th anniversary. She really kept the audience in stitches with her quick humour and personality. The crowd involvement was impromptu and kept everyone wondering what was going to happen next. Highly recommended for an evening of fun.
Thank you funny folks

"Ha Ha Ha - I'm still laughing. Your entertainer certainly had us, amused, amazed,
 astonished and laughing.  The audience participation combined with the witty sense of humour of the character made for a fantastic 60 minutes.  I would highly recommend "Contessa" for any corporate event."

                        Marilyn Penny

"I saw "Contessa's show" as part of a business celebration party....very funny and enjoyable."
                        Terry Carrey
                     MANULIFE FINANCIAL

"The NORWICH CHRISTMAS PARTY did not stop laughing the whole time!  She was fabulous!" 
                         Nicole; front desk
                            HOLIDAY INN

"I want to say that everyone enjoyed the entertainment of Contessa at our corporate Christmas dinner.  Upon our request to have a family type show, in consideration of our mixed conservative crowd, you provided a show that was both funny and entertaining.  I would recommend this show to others wanting
entertainment that combines laughter and audience involvement."
                         Mike Moser

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"I was exceptionally pleased by the performance and talent.  The children all loved Professor Giggles and the adults found it entertaining and quite comical as well."
                         Teresa Nicoderne


Home Office, Calgary